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Incoming Mail Server (POP,POPS,IMAP,IMAPS):


Common Australian Outbound Mail Servers

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): "Your Internet Server Provider Outgoing mail server"

Outgoing Mail Servers For Various Internet Service Providers differ.

When setting up your email it is usual to your your ISP's outbound mail server rather than that of your webhost.

There are a few reasons for this . One is the ISP is the closest mail server to your business connection, so it is the fastest!. Also mail servers generally have authentication based on your IP address rather than username and password, so you only need to enter your outgoing mail server based on the Internet Service Provider you use.

We have collected the ones we currently know, if you know of other ISP mail servers, that can be added please use our contact page.

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Last Updated : 08/2013